Walking around Mt Albert – Part 1

Being Auckland about 2 weeks I didn’t write any journals about my trip. One part is about my laziness, the other side is that I don’t have a good idea about my hiking map. I’ve walked back from the city to Mt Albert where I live currently(Yes, it’s 7 km and took me 2 hours). And I took some particular pictures with a lot of fun, something like “Mystery Tunnel”, “Cement Warrior”, etc. You won’t image that! But it didn’t have a clear timeline as a good guide. With some pre-investigations in place and digging on the Internet, I made a great plan. But … Yes! Any decent plan still has an embarrassing BUT … I didn’t complete it. Too far to walk! (Look at the map “Walking around Mt Albert“. BTW, some of the pictures below were shot before this day.)

Original Plan:


First of all, I must clearence that the start acturaly is the point “I”, Muzza’s Pie. The pie shop is closed at 3:00 PM. However, when I got there at 2:00 PM yesterday, I saw this:


Yes, sold out! I thought maybe 2’o clock is still too late. Therefore, I decided to go there earlier today. When I got there, happily, it’s still opening.



But sadly, sold out again! I watched the last piece bought by an old lady. The shop owner is an old grandpa. I forgot the next day is Sunday and asked him a shame question: The tomorrow’s opening time. The owner gave me a negative response and told me that it’s a shame that I think he would work on Sunday. Working on Sunday is only for one reason: the money. They’d never worked on Sunday since his parents started this business …

For me, A new mission started: 9 AM Monday, Mussa’s Pie.

OK, no pie no happy, but the trip still went on. Next stop was Owairaka Domain. Walking through the footpath at the end of La Veta Avenue, climbing on the top of the Domain, you can see a lot around Auckland, One tree hill, Auckland Domain, and even Rangitoto Island.

Here are some old photos from Auckland Library and my pictures are newly taken.

Auckland Domain from Owairaka Domain By Winkelmann Henry 11/1926
Mt Albert_NE_Winkelmann_Henry_11_1926_1

Auckland Domain from Owairaka Domain By me

Rangitoto Island from Owairaka Domain By Winkelmann Henry 11/1926
Mt Albert_NE_Winkelmann_Henry_11_1926

Rangitoto Island from Owairaka Domain By me (The Sky Tower is just behind the tree.)

And some landscapes from the top of the mountain.

Sky Tower

Footpath to the top sign



The one should be memorised


Have a fun


And almost forgot to mention that this mountain actually is an extinct volcano, and belongs to Auckland volcanic field.


Through this footpath to go down the mountain.

The next stop would be Alberton House, which belongs to a wealthy business family, Taylor’s. But it’s late and I planned to go to the New Lynn’s flea market tomorrow morning. So, I will introduce the amazing house in Part 2. To be continued …


And this post is corrected by Grammarly which is a useful tool for your English writing. Try it!

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