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Simple and complex

Don’t be fooled by scams

Recently, I found some funny “news” on Facebook.
For example, a surprising mom with a new house.
Or, surprised father and the dreamed motorhome.
I won’t notice if they are fake or not, before the two stories displayed in my timeline at the same time only 2 or 3 contents away.
If you look them closer. You will find the story actually stupid enough. Or, the school is the best, richest, top one in New Zealand, is that possible?
Both of them starts the same way “Have you heard about …”. And ending with the same words “Show me your money”.
(Click the images to read the text.)
Here is a link of the page:
It’s hiding good enough to none-high-tech people. Did you notice the green lock?
But if you click any link on the page, this URL won’t change which means the page is framed. All link is heading to another website It’s not the real NZ Herald Local Focus but copied a lot from it.
The people who use WordPress a lot much familiar to this login page
The people behind this website bought a huge amount of domains, paid a lot to Facebook advertising, and make plenty of similar websites to advertise the poor quality article to convince people to invest money. Ehm, funny, I haven’t seen any direct benefit for them from it.
Who can tell me why they are doing so?

Walking around Mt Albert – Part 2

Followed the previous post: Walking around Mt Albert – Part 1

Alberton, a farmhouse, was built as the residence of Allan Kerr Taylor, who was a notable New Zealand landowner and businessman. Taylor’s family contributed to Mt Albert region a lot. It’s said that the family gave the land to build St. Luck’s Church and donated the church bell. I was planning to visit the Church today as well, but …

Turn back to the house. The gate in the photo is not the original front gate actually. I’m even not sure that if it existed originally. The tour guide said the gate opened at this side just for the reception. The original gate which should be in front of the fountain does not exist anymore. I will show you the fountain latter.



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Walking around Mt Albert – Part 1

Being Auckland about 2 weeks I didn’t write any journals about my trip. One part is about my laziness, the other side is that I don’t have a good idea about my hiking map. I’ve walked back from the city to Mt Albert where I live currently(Yes, it’s 7 km and took me 2 hours). And I took some particular pictures with a lot of fun, something like “Mystery Tunnel”, “Cement Warrior”, etc. You won’t image that! But it didn’t have a clear timeline as a good guide. With some pre-investigations in place and digging on the Internet, I made a great plan. But … Yes! Any decent plan still has an embarrassing BUT … I didn’t complete it. Too far to walk! (Look at the map “Walking around Mt Albert“. BTW, some of the pictures below were shot before this day.)

Original Plan:


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在软件行业,Bug,通常是说某种错误、瑕疵、故障或缺陷Grace Hopper 被认为,在 1946 年为 Harvard Mark II 项目工作的时候抓到了第一只“虫子”。


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A repo to mourn the github users who passed away

Jim Weirich passed away two days ago. When I viewed his last commit, I saw a mourning message on the page. Github’s great jobs should be appreciated.

All of us will be gone someday. People behind us will read our codes. They maybe think about them and get to know what kind of person we are (As Roman brick stamps surprised us). They could fork and commit to the projects. Our soul will be continued in the repos.

So I created a repo to mourn the github users who passed away.

Fork RIP on Github.

Could you please help me to supplement this list?

My mother tongue isn’t English. Apologize for my terrible expressions.


关于南极动物公司的 H 总半夜回复邮件,凌晨上线生产环境这个段子,总是有一些人拉出来说事。弄得好像判断他人是否勤奋,只能是通过这个人凌晨三点是否还在工作来识别一样。先不说 H 总当时是不是在国外,有没有时差这个问题。有几个公司真得把开发、测试、上线这个流程跑通了?没跑通,有几个人敢这么冒冒然上线?冒冒然上线了,有几个人敢白天蒙头睡觉?敢白天蒙头睡觉,有几个公司允许不考勤的……扯远了,拉回来。这篇文章是我去年12月初看到的,当时就想翻译,结果一拖就成了跨年度项目了(我得承认,我偷懒了)。当了很多年的程序员,也做了几年技术管理工作,感觉原文作者的经历还是很有代表性的。至少如果现在还天天忙着用代码行数来判断程序员贡献的领导,可能得评估一下公司的技术、开发工具相关选型是不是还在原始社会了。原文在这里,请翻墙阅读。 ————翻译分隔线————


Mike Hadlow 撰写 当人们进行体力劳动时,很容易判断他们是否在努力工作。你可以看到汗流浃背的劳动过程。还可以看到他们工作的结果:砖墙越来越高;地上的洞越来越大。认可并且嘉奖辛勤的劳动绝对是人类最基本的本能,这也是体育运动如此经久不衰的让人着迷的原因之一。但用这种本能的赞赏来面对技术研发的员工时,就成为了一个问题。高效的知识型劳动者经常让人觉得他没有在努力工作。 Continue reading [翻译]你的程序员在勤奋工作,还是在偷懒?

The wall 这副图,我已经发过很多次了。在德国的一个儿童游乐场的摩天轮下,它静静的矗立在那里。我不知道有多少人倒在它的脚下。我也不知道有多少人,因为守卫士兵“抬高一厘米”的枪口而幸存。在我拍这张照片的时候,仅仅是觉得好玩。并无多想。但是若干次的回想,当时的场景。回想那堵看得见的墙时。我总会有一阵阵心悸。






“Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner in the world。”