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Walking around Mt Albert – Part 2

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Alberton, a farmhouse, was built as the residence of Allan Kerr Taylor, who was a notable New Zealand landowner and businessman. Taylor’s family contributed to Mt Albert region a lot. It’s said that the family gave the land to build St. Luck’s Church and donated the church bell. I was planning to visit the Church today as well, but …

Turn back to the house. The gate in the photo is not the original front gate actually. I’m even not sure that if it existed originally. The tour guide said the gate opened at this side just for the reception. The original gate which should be in front of the fountain does not exist anymore. I will show you the fountain latter.



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Walking around Mt Albert – Part 1

Being Auckland about 2 weeks I didn’t write any journals about my trip. One part is about my laziness, the other side is that I don’t have a good idea about my hiking map. I’ve walked back from the city to Mt Albert where I live currently(Yes, it’s 7 km and took me 2 hours). And I took some particular pictures with a lot of fun, something like “Mystery Tunnel”, “Cement Warrior”, etc. You won’t image that! But it didn’t have a clear timeline as a good guide. With some pre-investigations in place and digging on the Internet, I made a great plan. But … Yes! Any decent plan still has an embarrassing BUT … I didn’t complete it. Too far to walk! (Look at the map “Walking around Mt Albert“. BTW, some of the pictures below were shot before this day.)

Original Plan:


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