Walking around Mt Albert – Part 1

Being Auckland about 2 weeks I didn’t write any journals about my trip. One part is about my laziness, the other side is that I don’t have a good idea about my hiking map. I’ve walked back from the city to Mt Albert where I live currently(Yes, it’s 7 km and took me 2 hours). And I took some particular pictures with a lot of fun, something like “Mystery Tunnel”, “Cement Warrior”, etc. You won’t image that! But it didn’t have a clear timeline as a good guide. With some pre-investigations in place and digging on the Internet, I made a great plan. But … Yes! Any decent plan still has an embarrassing BUT … I didn’t complete it. Too far to walk! (Look at the map “Walking around Mt Albert“. BTW, some of the pictures below were shot before this day.)

Original Plan:


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